The Ultimate June Style Guide for New Yorkers

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If you plan on visiting New York City in June, you should give some thought to what you can bring with you that will give the impression that you are a local there. Walking around the city may be a fantastic way to get some exercise and see the sights, and if you have a great pair of shoes (we recommend sneakers for their ease of movement), you can do so while still looking your best. In addition, make sure to bring along a couple of long-sleeved or short-sleeved T-shirts and trousers so that you may get dressed up for the evening and go to events at restaurants and theatres.

Warm Weather

Whether you’re planning to spend your days browsing museums, taking in the view from the Top of the Rock observation deck, or seeing a Broadway show, you’ll want to pack some warm-weather clothes. Luckily, New Yorkers balance comfort with style, so you can pack loose-fitting layers like baggy boyfriend T-shirts or distressed mom jeans with feminine brogues to create outfits that will get you noticed.

When it comes to layering, wool is a tried and true fabric that holds heat, while fleece and cashmere offer softer, lighter options. A hoodie or light jacket is also a good idea for your travel wardrobe as it can help keep you warm in the city’s cooler evening air.

You should also bring summer tanks, skirts, and dresses for NYC in June, as the daytime temperatures are warm to hot. However, the nights can be chilly, especially in early June, so be sure to pack a light jacket or hoodie.

Cool Weather

June is usually warm and humid, but it can also get windy or cool at night. You may want to bring a light jacket or hoodie.

For your NYC summer outfits, it’s smart to pack a few versatile skirts that can be worn casually with tees or dressed up with fab shoes and jewelry. Skirts like a denim pleated skirt, a soft knit jogger skirt, or a striped or floral skirt work great for the city’s heat and humidity.

For a more formal evening look, a nice pair of jeans, a dress or a midi skirt, and a button-up shirt will work well. If you’re going to a Broadway show or a lounge, be sure to pack a nicer pair of shoes for the occasion. For your feet, a comfortable pair of slip-on flats are perfect for NYC. You can also add a pair of Rothys to your suitcase for a stylish and comfy pair of walking shoes that can handle New York’s cobblestone streets.

Rainy Days

While NYC is a very walkable city, it does get pretty chilly and windy at night so be sure to pack a light jacket or hoodie. You should also bring a raincoat or poncho when sightseeing as it tends to rain in June.

New Yorkers love to pair jeans with casual summer skirts such as a denim pleated skirt, a soft knit jogger skirt, or a striped skirt. You can dress these up with a button-down shirt or tee shirt for a nicer look. For a more formal occasion, wear a form-fitting outfit like this v28 Women Cowl Neck Knit Sweaterdress.

Almost all New Yorkers have an obsession with backpacks, whether it’s a sleek designer roll-top camera bag, a Rothy’s leather daypack, or a straight-up rucksack. A stylish backpack is a great way to stay organized when you’re lugging around your clothes and essentials for trudging through the streets of NYC. Plus, you’ll look cool — and like a total New Yorker — doing it.


NYC residents are a diverse group of personalities and fashion senses, but they all seem to have an inimitable style that’s uniquely New York. Whether you’re headed to a Broadway show, hopping over to low-key rooftop bars and jazz clubs, or checking out the nightlife in Chinatown and Little Italy, it’s important to dress for the scene in style.

Traveling to NYC in June is the perfect time of year for a fashionable adventure, but you need to plan accordingly. During the day, tank tops and sundresses will keep you comfortable, but it’s best to bring a light jacket or poncho for the nights when they can get cool and windy. Having the right shoes, including water-resistant ones, is also important for your comfort and safety.

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