Kung Fu Panda 4 Continues Box Office Reign

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Kung Fu Panda 4, featuring Jack Black and released by Universal and DreamWorks Animation, reigned supreme at the weekend box office with $30 Million in ticket sales. Uni promoted their film with a TikTok push, food influencer collaborations, and Awkwafina acting as grand marshal at the Lunar New Year Parade, earning her an 80% positive rating and a 59% “definite see.” PostTrak audiences responded positively: giving it an 8/10 on a positive rating scale, with 59% saying “definite see.”

Kung Fu Panda 4 Sets New Records

    Kung Fu Panda 4 exceeded everyone’s expectations this weekend with its historic $58 million debut weekend, making it the highest March debut ever for an animated film and second only to its predecessor’s $60 million opening weekend debut.

    The new film sees Po pitted against an adversary known as The Chameleon, who can mimic any martial artist’s powers. Rotten Tomatoes has received an impressive 71% critical score and an 87% audience rating.

    Kung Fu Panda 4 is currently benefiting from a dearth of new family films in theatres, with Lionsgate releasing Arthur the King next week with Mark Wahlberg but it may be more of a drama than comedy, making it unlikely to compete with Kung Fu Panda 4. Netflix Peacock will make available the movie approximately 120 days post-theatrical release; 10 months of which will stream normally and four on premium service Peacock.

    Kung Fu Panda 4 Continues to Dominate

      Kung Fu Panda 4 was once again at the top of the box office this week, earning an estimated $30 million during its second weekend, beating out Mark Wahlberg’s dog drama Arthur the King and sci-fi adventure Dune: Part Two for most viewers.

      Jack Black voices Po in this animated series as he faces off against an unpredictable shape-shifting foe in this family film that blends master plans, betrayal, and martial arts action. Though it earned one of the lowest Tomatometer scores for its franchise release, audiences have responded enthusiastically.

      “Furia!” recently hit $100 million worldwide box office sales, becoming one of 2024’s highest-grossing movies and also becoming the fastest to reach that milestone this year despite studios postponing releases during a strike period. This marks an excellent success story for the animated movie genre that proves it can still reign supreme at box offices worldwide.

      Kung Fu Panda 4 Continues to Dominate in South Korea

        Kung Fu Panda 4 continued its impressive run at South Korean box offices this weekend, holding on to first place despite stiff competition from new releases like Mark Wahlberg’s Arthur the King which experienced a 32% week-on-week decline, while Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire failed to gain momentum during what proved an otherwise subdued cinematic weekend.

        DreamWorks Animation/Universal’s fourth film featuring Jack Black as Po the Panda opened to an incredible $58 million debut, outstripping both prior films in the franchise as well as its initial trilogy installment. Furthermore, it broke all overseas debut records for this franchise so far, with $324 million in global sales so far!

        The success of Kung Fu Panda illustrates both its longstanding appeal and family market strength. Audiences will no doubt eagerly anticipate seeing whether the series can add another chapter of success over the summer movie season.

        Kung Fu Panda 4 Continues to Dominate in the U.S.

          Even though the Jack Black-led franchise sequel wasn’t widely received critically, its ticket sales generated $30 million over Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, grossing an estimated total of $107.7 million domestically within 10 days of release.

          Kung Fu Panda 4 pitted Po against Chameleon (Viola Davis) and her Komodo dragon guards for victory, earning an A+ CinemaScore and 87% Tomatometer audience rating.

          Uni is throwing itself behind its property, using everything from social media blitzes and YouTube food influencer collaborations to serving as the grand marshal of San Francisco’s Lunar New Year Parade. Uni also ran ads during NBA coverage as well as pregame and post-game coverage of Super Bowl LIII on NBC.