Still The Same, A Beautiful Beautiful Rap Song

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Memphis is where he was born and reared. His determination, attention, and persistence will propel him to the top of the independent circuit as an unstoppable force. Music is the vehicle through which he expresses himself as a gifted lyricist. Lil Baby, Mo3, 21 Savage, Smino, NBA Youngboy, and Pooh Shiesty are among the artists who have influenced M.E.S. Trap’s music. He hopes that by incorporating his life experiences into his music, he would be able to connect with people, effect change, and have an impact on his listeners.

M.E.S. Trap recently released the EP Setup Jungle and is working on other projects. He’s composing music to encourage, inspire, and communicate his narrative in his own unique way. 
M.E.S. Trap’s music will introduce the world to his viewpoints and portray the relatable story of pursuing a passion through seemingly insurmountable hurdles. M.E.S. The trap is the missing piece to Hip Hop’s never-ending jigsaw and the solution to the question that rap music has yet to pose.

“Still the Same” was performed by M.E.S Trap. It’s a rap song about how no matter what happens in his life, the gang of buddies he attempts to attract will always be there for him. Rap songs are commonly used to describe a negative feature or characteristic linked with a person or an object. Rap is defined as a light knock, tapping sound, or criticism, as well as a kind of music in which words are yelled or chanted over recurring rhythmic beats. So, This is an excellent Rap tune.

To learn more about M.E.S Trap’s most recent songs, check him out on YouTube!